First Closet Grow - Bag Seed

Germination: 10/27/2015 / Harvest: 2/12/2016
Yield: 6 oz of Bud, 10 grams of Bubble Hash

The Bag Seed Grow


Because most people  probably start their first closet grow with bag seed, so I decided to also! But I also wanted to be sure that at least one or two plants were females. But I also wanted to be sure that at least one or two plants were females. So I googled, “sexing cannabis seeds” and up came a YouTube video – How to Tell If a Marijuana Seed Is Female. I watched the video, sexed 8 seeds and germinated them in Rapid Rooters . After 5 days, all eight seeds had sprouted and were ready to plant.

When I was able to sex the plants during the vegetative stage, six of the eight were female.

Vegetative Stage

I used two hydroponic methods for my growing mediums. A DWC Hydroponics Kit and Coco Coir with Perlite . Of the eight germinated seeds: two were male, four were just not viable (runts) leaving me with two plants. Since I didn’t know the genetics I was working with, I figured on using six weeks in the veg stage and 10 weeks of flowering. This was a mistake as my main plant actually grew too tall for my tent.

I used low-stress training techniques throughout the veg stage into the first month of flowering. These techniques are described in detail at

Flowering Stage

I was expecting a growth spurt during the initial phases of flowering, but nothing like what I saw! My main plant actually grew from 1.5 ft to 4.5 ft in the first 3 weeks. The flowering stage actually lasted 12 weeks. The hairs on the buds just refused to get to that reddish brown color. But they were heavy with opaque trichomes. The second plant grew very little throughout the flowering stage. It really only produced popcorn buds.


Since I wasn’t going to try and re-veg either of the plants, I just hacked up the colas and hung them to dry for 2 weeks. I then trimmed the buds making sure to keep the cuttings for my hash. Most of the runt second plant was for the hash. I put the buds in mason jars and set them in the bottom of the closet to cure for six weeks. Making sure to open them for a few minutes every few days.


The buds were dank! They smelled of diesel oil with a hint of fruit and were very airy with very visible trichomes. The taste was really pungent with a heavy diesel tone. While curing we secured a bud each week after the first and smoked or vaped. It is definitely a wake and bake strain. A really high, relaxed and happy but completely able to focus on work. The high lasted about 2.5 hours if I was working, an hour and a half to two hours if I wasn’t! I’m certain it was a sativa-dominant hybrid, possibly Purple Diesel.



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