Cooking With Kief

A Cannabis Cooking Shortcut

Cooking With Kief

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I started cooking with kief because I always had so much from using a grinder when preparing my cannabis. I smoke or vape weed everyday, I love the look, the feel, and the aroma of a fresh bud! But taking fresh buds and throwing them into a recipe just hurts my soul! So the only way to go was to use kief.

What is Kief?

Kief (aka dry sift or pollen) is the powdery substance called trichomes from the resinous glands on the marijuana plant. Depending on the plant and the strain, kief can range from sticky to gummy.

The easiest way to extract small amounts of kief is using a crystal catching herb grinder. It allows you to finely grind your cannabis while kief crystals fall through a screen into the collection compartment.

To extract larger quantities of kief, check out this video from

Kief extracting is one of the first steps for making hash. Basically, hash is just kief that has been heated and pressurized to form a plug or block. Applying heat ruptures the resin glands changing the overall effects and taste.

Before Cooking with Kief

Kief needs to be decarboxylated or heated as the heat activates the raw plant’s THC-A (an acid) and turns it into THC. Decarbing allows you to use the kief in recipes that don’t require cooking. It also increases the potency when used in recipes that require cooking.

Depending on the moisture content, 235° F for 30 minutes should be enough to decarboxylate any kief. But remember, THC evaporates at 392 degrees F.


Your weight, frequency of use, strain, even consumption on an empty stomach will all have an affect your dosage. I recommend you start with 1/8 to 1/2 a gram of kief per individual dose. You can always work up to more as you’re experimenting.

Cooking with Kief

Below are some of my favorite cannabis recipes that can help you stay medicated all of your waking hours.


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