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theIndicaPirate – cannabis gadfly was originally conceived on election evening in 2012 when Colorado & Washington voted to legalize cannabis. I secured the domain, threw up an auto blogging program and collected ad revenue from the site.

Desiring to get involved with the cannabis industry, a few friends & I invested in a canna-business in Denver and I began working with FLCAN.org . I prefer the Colorado model,  but only 26% of people in Florida have a college degree1, so ignorance on the subject is rampant!

However, we have a constitutional amendment on the ballot for 2016, and it’s polling over 60% needed to pass. So let’s hope!

We tried to go through the legislature, but Florida politicians are both gutless and corrupt! The Florida AG – Pam Biondi – took a bribe from Donald Trump to drop investigations on Trump University!2

As a recently retired lobbyist for British interests in the United States, I’m rarely surprised by the stupidity of bureaucracies or the pure evil inherent in global business today. But then I read these two articles on the Washington Post: DEA Wants to Ban Another Plant & One Chart Shows Why Pharma Companies are Fighting Legal Marijuana.

I was so pissed, I decided to resurrect theIndicaPirate.com (I had lost the .com domain to a cyber-squatter in 2014 but I got it back in 2016).


Being British, I never had any intention of staying in the United States (I still maintain a home in London), but I’ve been here more than half my life. I’ve watched as the American middle-class willingly gave up many rights and freedoms, all while being devastated financially. The beneficiaries: those like me, the top 1%! And I’ve never voted in one of your elections!

But one of the biggest ruses pulled on the American people is the marijuana scam. Yes, my country has also been complicit, the difference: we didn’t incarcerate our population!

Americans love to speak of freedom. What they actually mean is they want the freedom to tell others how to live!

I believe in freedom. That is, the freedom to do what I want as long as it does not infringe upon anyone’s else’s pursuit of happiness. I believe that all drugs should be legal and available for adults! Sure the weak-minded will get hooked and die, but they don’t contribute to society anyway. Besides, it’s happening anyway. There’s no difference between addiction to prescription drugs and addiction to heroin or meth. Both are making money for the top 1%!



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Footnotes: 1. http://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2012/12/27/florida-ranks-31st-for-percentage-of.html, 2. https://thinkprogress.org/floridas-ag-is-tied-up-in-the-trump-university-scandal-and-things-just-got-worse-7f73fdb50114#.irrb8v6bn

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